The Duchess of Homeslice

If I were to be personified as a restaurant… I would be Homeslice. Why? Because Homeslice is fun, quirky, gives off good vibes, and to top it off they have the best pizza. Much like you can’t have a bad time when you’re with me, you can never have a bad experience at Homeslice. 

Homeslice has become a home away from home for me. I believe I have sat in every section possible in the restaurant but have yet to try every pizza. The only reason why I have not consumed every pizza quite yet is because I normally just end up ordering the Clay Bacon which is the best za on the menu, in my opinion. The vibes you get while sitting in their cabin-like atmosphere will make you want to stay forever. Even the neon lights that read “I could give up pizza, but I’m not a quitter” and “Bitch Don’t Kill My Vibe” will make you right at home and make the best Instagram posts. If you ever pass through and try it yourself, look out for me, I’m normally on the patio drinking a Moscow Mule and asking for an extra side of ranch for my za. 

I have checked in so often at Homeslice, I am the Duchess on Yelp – aka, I’m probably their most frequent/best customer (if I say so myself). So basically… Homeslice is my kingdom and I hold the iron throne, aka the swinging chairs by the camper on the patio. 

It only makes sense for my first blog post to be about Homeslice, and it won’t be my last. Cheers to many more🍻🍕


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