Hipster Things & Delicious Tacos

Lunch at Antique Taco was an amazing life decision! You walk in and immediately feel like you need to start taking pictures of all the cool decor and capture the hipster moment. It is literally a taco joint mixed with an antique store, what’s not to love about that??  Even right by the checkout line there are shelves full of items to purchase (including a denim hat that says TACOS and a pencil that reads either Taco Queen or Taco King). Even before eating the food, you’re already in love with this place. 

Now, let’s talk tacos. There are so many different ways to make tacos but out of my experience, Antique Taco makes the most unique and delicious. They actually would be considered hipster tacos if you ask me, they take your average taco mixings and add some hipster flair to it.  The carnitas taco had bacon and avocado on it, I mean… YES PLEASE. Plus their guacamole was delicious and paired with their perfectly salted chips. 

As Wicker Park is full of amazing restaurants, it could be hard to say what is best. However, if we are just talking tacos, Antique Taco is hands down my favorite taco in Wicker Park, and definitely ranked high among other taco joints in Chicago. 

Peace. ✌🏻️ Love. ❤️ Tacos. 🌮


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