Trader Joe’s Taco Tuesday

This weeks tacos are homemade and guaranteed crowd favorites. 

We start with taking  ground turkey and browning it on the stove for a few minutes with a tablespoon of coconut oil. Once half of it is brown, we add a dash of Trader Joe taco seasoning (a little goes a longgggg way with this ingredient) followed by two cloves of garlic and “half of chopped onion” (I did about a quarter of an onion because the taco seasoning is powerful). Let that brown and cook fully occasionally stirring to cook completely. 

In a smaller pan, I put corn and chopped green pepper (add as much as you like, it’s just an add on for the tacos) and sautéed them in the pan with a even smaller dash of the taco seasoning and olive oil. Let the veggies brown to your liking. 

Atop of your tacos, I added cheese, chili verde sauce (perfect addition to avocado toast too, fun fact), and sour cream. The BEST side dish you can have for this meal is their chucky guacamole (made with Greek yogurt) and an glass of Charles Shaw Pinot Grigio or a bottle Trader Josè. Voilà!! You have yourself the best taco dinner. Quick fix meal, perfect for leftovers or perfect to share with friends! 

For an added bonus, get taco plates like the ones I have, makes creating your taco masterpieces easier! No need to shop anywhere else for your ingredients, head over to Trader Joe’s for your next taco night! 


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