Eating in Italy = Eataly


Go downtown right now, go straight into Eataly, go upstairs and get a table to eat some Rossopomodoro pizza and a Nora beer. That is the only thing you need in your life right now. I may be biased about the Nora beer due to my name, but it is perfection. But most importantly… let’s focus on what we really came here to talk about. The pizza. Why I personally love Eataly what I love about it is the fact they sell Rossopomodoro pizza. If you have ever been to Italy you may have seen a Rossopomodoro pizza place on a corner or two. So at the end of the day, this pizza actually tastes like Italy since it is actually coming straight from Italy! Any pizza you order from there is going to be perfect.

Go now. Happy Pizza time 🙂


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